Income Disclaimer

TWN is proud of its product suite of training materials. While we’re proud of our training material, it’s important that you understand that we make no guarantees about your ability to generate income. Since the execution of the principles contained in our trainings are largely outside of our control, we’re not able to guarantee success. As with all things, success in our business requires hard work and a steadfast commitment to mastering the skills we teach. Any earnings or income claims, or earnings or income examples are only provided for illustration purposes. There is no assurance or guarantee that you earn any income.

Average Income Earnings Disclaimer

You will make no money. There we said it. Many companies and trainings have been shut down because they did not follow the law of disclosing average income. Even though our stories and testimonials are 100% real, it doesn’t matter. By law, we need to show you the average earnings of every person that’s ever created an account with us, whether they went through the training or not. This is impossible for us because we don’t have access to every members Amazon account and can only go off of what people share with us, which some do, but most don’t. So to make sure we follow the law and because we want to be around to support you in upcoming years, we make this statement: You will never make any money. Even though others have and new people continue to, the average person makes no money, none, zero, zilch. But please join us and the training to see for yourself what it can or can’t do for you.