Mission Statement

The Wealth Network provides entrepreneurs with a world class educational platform and tool suite. From a beginner step by step training process to advanced software and services, The Wealth Network has it all. Powerful cutting edge software and services are provided along with training from industry experts who are using the exact strategies they teach.

The Wealth Network exists to equip you with the right people, the right training,
and the right tools to help skyrocket your business!

What We Offer

The Wealth Network provides training, software, and services to people who are looking to start a new business or looking to take their current business to the next level. Whether you want to create a side income or an executive level income, TWN can help you reach your goal.

A member can choose what type of business they want to build and have a step by step process to get started and scale up. The two categories that members will have the opportunity to choose from are Ecommerce and Marketing. A member can choose to focus on just one or both.

The Ecommerce Wealth Center focuses primarily on the Amazon platform. A step by step instructional process is given so that even someone with no experience can get started without confusion. Current up to date training is provided by TWN’s 7 Figure Amazon experts as well as software and services for even the most advanced sellers.

The Marketing Wealth Center provides a tool suite and training that services beginner to advanced marketers. The tool suite consists of a customizable wordpress website with recommended themes and plugins already installed, and a multifunctional landing page software named Smart Funnels. Training on these features and search engine optimization (SEO) is provided. Someone brand new to marketing will have no problem following the training and advanced marketers will find that the value of TWN’s software surpasses competitors.


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About Us

Josh JacobsChief Financial Officer

Josh Jacobs began his journey as an internet entrepreneur while attending the University Of Illinois at Chicago. He focused on inexpensive traffic strategies that yielded a six figure income quickly. His duplicatable methods have proven effective for thousands of internet entrepreneurs.

Aaron AndrewsChief Operating Officer

Aaron Andrews is a 20 year internet marketer, email marketer and super affiliate that has made 7 figures in these industries. When it comes to marketing, he has been called a "Jaguar Marketer" that attacks quietly, calculated and strategically in the still of the night.

Jesse SinghChief Marketing Officer

Jesse Singh is an internet marketer, blogging and eBay expert that has made multiple 7 figures in these industries. When it comes to SEO, we just call him "The Beast.”

Brian CinnamonAmazon Coach

Brian Cinnamon has been crushing e-Commerce for the last 5 years since leaving the military and is always ahead of the curve by creating innovative training. He is well on track to hit his first 7 figure year and wants to bring that knowledge and experience to the table here in TWN to help everyone experience the level of success that he has. His consistency and tireless effort into his business has earned him the nickname "The Dropship Yoda."

David CookAmazon Coach

David Cook started his own e-Commerce business in 2013 while he was an active duty Marine. Since then, he has become an expert in e-Commerce sales on the biggest marketplace online and has been able to scale quickly utilizing outsourcing to grow his business as well as the businesses of others.